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Take yoga off the mat and into your world | KERRI EIKER

Take yoga off the mat and into your world

Shanti Yoga Community,

In just a few short weeks spring will be in full bloom.  After these past several days of unseasonably cold temperatures, I’m ready for a heat wave.

Get the body ready for the spring chores in your near future and prepare the mind and spirit for the challenges of everyday life. When practiced regularly we really do “take our yoga off the mat and into our world”.

Most of us are aware of the physical benefits of yoga: reduced stress, increased strength, balance, and flexibility, to mention a few. With a ripple-like effect, a regular yoga practice can have positive and transformational benefits on a deep, but often subtle level.  Evidence of this alchemy appears in both our inner and outter realities.

When  mindfulness and body awareness become routine practices,  we tend to become more responsive and less reactive on physical, emotional and mental levels.

Instead of torquing the back while unloading that bag of mulch from the trunk, we remember to engage the core, move with the breath, and use the strength of our legs.

Because we have cultivated an awareness of our thought patterns, rather than habitually judging ourselves for inevitable mistakes and misunderstandings we can turn down the volume of those old corrosive tape loops and chose to practice forgiveness of ourselves and others.

When confronted with a volatile situation, such as dealing with aggressive drivers we can remember to breathe, and deflect the possibility of being ensnared by the draining effects of fear and anger.

It is always an honor and a privilege to share yoga practice with each of you. When we practice yoga as a community I find a profound inspiration to take the peace and balance I find on the mat into my daily life.   I hope to share a practice with you soon.



**Sunday April 10th
10:00-11:00am ALL LEVELS FLOW  at Yogamour12:30-1:30pm YOGA FOR ATHLETES at The X Project
**4:30-5:45pm FLOW/ALIGNMENT at   Brightside (CLASS CANCELED THIS WEEK)
Monday April 11th

7:00-8:00am  ALL LEVELS FLOW at Yogamour

5:45-7:00pm  GENTLE YOGA at Brightside

**Tuesday April 12th (class taught by Lana this week)
7:00-8:00pm ALL LEVELS FLOW at Rockstar Fitness

Wednesday April 13th
10:30-11:30 YOGA FOR ATHLETES at The X Project

**Thursday April 14th  6:00-7:00am  ALL LEVELS FLOW at Yogamour  (this week only)

** Friday April 15th
6:00-7:00am  ALL LEVELS FLOW at Yogamour  ( this week only)5:45-7:00pm ALL LEVELS FLOW at   Brightside

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