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“You are what you love, not what loves you.” | KERRI EIKER

“You are what you love, not what loves you.”

Shanti Yoga community,

My yoga path and my teaching schedule continue to evolve. Below you will find this week’s yoga schedule and a short story about insights gained this week after a meeting with my dear friend/yoga teacher/coach, Dr. Kimberlyn Cahill, DM, E-RYT-500

There a few changes to bothYogamour and Brightside schedules. We will be discontinuing our Sunday afternoon class at Brightside, at least for the summer. For Yogamour, this week will be my last 7:00am Monday class. We will be moving that class to 9:30-10-30am on Monday May 2nd .

Beginning in May, Saturday and Sunday morning classes at Yogamour will be held outside by the bell tower in Baker Park, weather permitting.  On uncooperative weather days we will hold Saturday and Sunday morning classes at the Brown Center.

I’m excited to begin my new classes at Real Health, an integrative health studio on East Street in Frederick.  My start date is May 12th.  I’ll be sure to update the schedule.

I hope you all have a safe and peaceful weekend.  I look forward to sharing a yoga practice with you soon.



Sunday April 24th
10:00-11:00am ALL LEVELS FLOW  at Yogamour

Sunday April 24th
10:00-11:00am ALL LEVELS FLOW  at Yogamour

Monday April 25th

7:00-8:00am  ALL LEVELS FLOW at Yogamour

5:45-7:00pm  GENTLE YOGA at Brightside

Tuesday April 26th
7:00-8:00pm ALL LEVELS FLOW at Rockstar Fitness

Wednesday April 27th

Thursday April 28th

Friday April 29th

5:45-7:00pm ALL LEVELS FLOW at   Brightside

Saturday April 30rd
8:30-9:30 ALL LEVELS FLOW at Yogamour *rotational teacher


“Every child is an artist.  The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” ~Pablo Picasso

Intention, Attention, Action

I met with my dear friend Kimberlyn this week.  I love my friends who don’t waste time on superficial chatter or offer fluffy compliments in place of honest observations.

“You’re in transition.” She accurately pointed out about two seconds after we said hello. I have been feeling a bit scattered lately, unsure of which direction to take in several aspects of my life, including my yoga path.

We sat at a small picnic table in a little alley patio and ate lunch while we “caught up”.  Feeling off balance in front of my yoga teacher, I tried to steer the conversation away from me and asked about her life.

“Kerri, what is your intention.”  She asked directly about my yoga path when there was a pause in our exchange.
My answer to that question led Kimberlyn to point out that my intention was based on outer results, an outcome, an illusion that what happens “outside of me” will make me happy, balanced, and peaceful.

The truth is, there is a creative part of us that lives in the moment, like a child who in creative play is free from fear or attachment.  It is from this place, inside that our passions manifest outward and into greatness in the world…not the other way around!

As we grow up, and often away from that inner creative place where we live in the moment, we move away from what we love and attempt instead to find what loves us.

When we buy into the fear under the illusion that the things outside of us are what complete us or make us happy, then we will continue to live as a victim.  Because everything has to change to make us happy we will continue to be dependent on love coming from the outside. (Paraphrased from Kyle Cease’svideo ‘Why people’s opinions of you aren’t real’)

“First, you have to find your ‘in’-tention, something that is in alignment with your core values.”  Kimberlyn reminded me of her intensive core value reveling workshop I had recently attended.

“Then you can pay a-tention. Rather than being scattered, when you are in alignment with your core values, your focus will be clear.”  She said.

The third piece of finding balance on life’s ever-unfolding path is action.

When the intention comes from a place of love and fearlessness, the attention will fall into alignment, and then the action or the results will flow effortlessly.

“You are what you love and not what loves you.” (A sentence from Charlie Kaufman’s film ‘Adaptation’.)

In our conversation on that little patio, I realized declaring an intention wasn’t necessarily a lifetime commitment to one thing. I often see obstacles and problems where there are none. All of life is in transition and intentions can, and often should evolve.  At this moment my intention is simple and not exactly easy:  Find healing for myself through transparent living and share my journey through teaching and writing.

“I like this intention!”  Kimberlyn enthustiasticly cheered.  “And this is enough for now.”

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