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Shanti Yoga Community,

I apologize for the late cancellation of this evening’s yoga class at Brightside (5/13/16). I hope to see you all on Monday evening for Gentle Yoga at 5:45pm.

AND I hope you will join me and/or explore other classes offered by some very talented yoga teachers in Frederick and Middletown at:
I have just updated my yoga schedule (see below).  I am excited to be offering several new classes beginning May 19th at Real Health Studios in Frederick and I am grateful and honored to be able to lead yoga classes with the wonderful non-profit organization Yogamour.  I have also been offered another fun evening class with all the awesome members and yogis at Rockstar Fitness in Middletown.

This week’s story is a personal exploration of evidence of my yoga practice having subtle although transformational effects in my life off the mat.




9:30-10:30am         ALL LEVELS FLOW at Yogamour

11:30–12:45am      MIDDAY FLOW at Real Health Studios
(beginning May 23rd)

5:45-7:00pm           GENTLE YOGA at Brightside

4:30-5:45pm            INTERMEDIATE FLOW at Real Health Studios
(Beginning May 24th)

7:00-8:00pm          ALL LEVELS FLOW at Rockstar Fitness

8:30-9:45am         GENTLE YOGA at Real Health Studios
(Beginning May 25th)

9:00-10:00am       BEGINNERS YOGA at Real Health Studios
(Beginning May 19th)

11:00-12:00          PRIVATE SESSION for members of Own Our Own

7:00-8:00pm         ALL LEVELS FLOW at Rockstar Fitness


8:30-9:30am         ALL LEVELS FLOW at Yogamour *rotational teachers

11:30-12:45        INTERMEDIATE FLOW at Real Health Studios

10:00-11:00am     ALL LEVELS FLOW at Yogamour


We are all getting a taste of a cool wet Seattle climate these past few weeks.  I recently spent some time in Seattle visiting friends.  When I mentioned to my friend that I adored the city, and the beauty of the northwest I also mentioned that I couldn’t see myself living there as all the rain would make me feel blue.

“Speaking of blue…” my friend beamed and gazed up through the mist to the gray sky, “…when the clouds part and the sun comes out, Seattle’s sky is the most beautiful blue sky I’ve ever seen!  It makes all the rainy days’ worth it.”  She continued to gaze at the sky and smile as I retreated back under my bright yellow umbrella that labeled me–loud and clear–as a tourist, Seattle residents have become desensitized to the rain it seems, they typically don’t carry umbrellas.


On that visit, both the sun and a magical view of sparkling pink Mount Rainer peeked out from under the clouds for a few brief hours.  The sky indeed was very blue, I gazed up and soaked in the beauty but quickly realized the blue wasn’t any more beautiful than blue skies back home in Maryland, I had just been deprived of the color for so long I found a new appreciation for it.

Recently with the lack of blue skies, I have been visually feasting on the vibrant color of GREEN.  The leaves on the trees seem unusually plump as if they are storing extra chlorophyll. Apparently trees can access the sun’s nourishment through the clouds as opposed many of us vitiman-D deprived creatures who hide in our homes or under our umbrellas. (perhaps this is why Seattle residents don’t shield themselves from the rain).

As much as I am longing for a bright sunny day, I’ve also been appreciating the soothing cadence of rain. Through rain’s acoustic curtain I’ve noticed the harsh noises of civilization are calmed while songs of spring birds are amplified and the distinctive and rich echo-y call of the owl is augmented. Lately, I’ve been leading my yoga classes to the steady and soothing rhythm of the rain rather than to the beat of music.

As I write, the rain is steadily falling, the water trickles down the metal drain pipe near my open window creating different pitches and tones like a tribal percussion instrument. There’s an occasional “splat” from the water that collects in the gutter I have yet to clean. It overflows and lands on the slate stone three stories below, it’s a humorous sort of sound.  Like vibrations from base tone I can actually feel the beat of the rain in my body as it taps leaves, drums on the earth, and strikes the pavement. As cars drive past, the harsh sound of motors and engines have been transformed into a splashing sound that enters into the harmony of nature’s watery song like a resounding timbre from a cymbal.

What does all of this have to do with yoga?  I attribute my daily yoga practice for my relatively new ability to be present enough in the moment to notice all those subtle perceptions I’ve just described. The willingness to embrace and witness feeling “blue” as opposed to fighting or ignoring the feeling has come from the introceptive aspect of my yoga practice.  (introception: the awareness of what is going on within the boundaries of our own skin, a visceral awareness)

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