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Prayer For Peace | KERRI EIKER

Prayer For Peace

Shanti Yoga Community,

My family and I are looking forward to our annual trip to the Outer Banks this Saturday, 6/18 through 6/25.  My classes at Brightside in Braddock and Real Health Studios in Frederick will be canceled that week.  All other classes will be on with a substitute teacher. 

I am honored and full of gratitude to have the opportunity to lead so many wonderful yoga classes from Middletown Valley, to the top of the hill on Braddock Heights, and back down the other side of the mountain into Frederick.

My week begins with classes at  Real Health Studios  on East Street in Frederick.  I am thrilled with the laid-back soothing vibe of the brand new studio.  There are a wide variety of classes and healing modalities offered. New Students can enjoy an unlimited sampling of classes for two weeks for just $25, and I recommend trying them all! (maybe wait until my return on the 25th so I have the pleasure of sharing class with you:))

Our gentle and all-levels-flow classes at Brightside  on Braddock Mountain are a highlight of my week. The  renovated attic space in my whimsical old victorian home has become a warm and cozy little “yoga nest” where friends and neighbors gather to share their practice.  This past Monday we were happy to welcome two new students to our space.

I am delighted with my evening classes at  Rockstar Fitness in Middletown!  An awesome group of  gym members,as well as drop-in students, enjoy an hour of flow class in the subtlety lit private yoga room.  I always sleep well after those evening practices.

Our Yogamour classes on Saturdays and Sundays in the park are definitely worth checking out, as well as classes offered on the creek and at the Brown Center (click the link for the full schedule).
Every weekend through the summer, the community joins in the cool grass, under the shade trees by the bell tower in Baker Park to practice yoga .  There is something very special about those classes…there’s a sense of unity, peace, and love during those practices that is palpable. For me, during those classes I feel a deep connection to our community at the same time I feel deeply introspective and connected to a profound sense of peace from within.  It’s as if all that love and peace each of us has inside, combine and flow out into the world, and return back into our hearts as a powerful healing prayer.

And I think my favorite class is on Thursdays for the members of On Our Own in Frederick.  If you’d like to see an example of how your donations to Yogamour are benefiting the community please join us for our weekly classes from 11:00-12:00.
Class space is very limited at the moment so consider joining us on weather permitting outdoor yoga days.  Feel free to email me for updates on our class location and space availability.

My yoga path continues to blossom.  In my next newsletter I hope to be announcing some new Yogamour classes offered in Middletown and a new Beginners series I plan to offer in several locations.

I hope and pray that through the practice of yoga we may tap into that divine light of love that resides within us all. I pray for the courage to offer that love to the world, without hindrance from fear of rejection . I pray that through courageously choosing to love we can overcome the fear in our hearts and in our world that leads to ignorance, hate and violence. From unity in love (no matter where we are from, or what our beliefs, or lifestyle) may our palpable prayer for peace be a soothing balm that heals our broken hearts, our broken world.

(Prayers to Orlando)

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