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My name is Kerri Eiker. I am a mom, a writer, a yoga instructor and a lover of life. Over the years, like everyone else, I have experienced and explored many of life’s simple pleasures, as well as its profound moments, and like everyone else, I’ve suffered trauma.

From the joys of motherhood, to the thrill of distance trail running, to the honor of assisting over 200 souls into this world at the sacred moment of birth, to running a farm-farmers market-bakery and a catering business, to living with and overcoming the debilitating effects of Lyme disease, to practicing yoga and through my yoga practice, discovering many old, unhealed wounds, life has unfolded, in perfection, to this moment in time.

The physical practice of Yoga peeled away the layers that literally held onto pain from the past.  As I let go of the physical tension, emotions stirred. I felt compelled to write about emotions and memories as they surfaced which became a productive way to process that which was being revealed.

Since 2013 my stories have been featured in a food column for a local newspaper.  I’ve also written many articles for the Frederick News Post.

My ongoing yoga journey has led me to become a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher and I am perusing my 500-hour advanced yoga teacher certification with the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. I plan to specialize in trauma informed yoga classes and I currently lead a trauma sensitive yoga class for adults who are members of a non-profit organization called  On Our Own in Frederick Maryland.

I have a yoga studio on the third floor of my beautiful old Victorian home named Brightside Yoga. I work with a wonderful non-profit group called Yogamour,  an integrative health studio called Real Health , and I teach yoga classes at several local gyms.

Through my writing and my service as a yoga teacher life continues to unfold, actually it feels more like life is blossoming.

The stories and pictures will continue to flow.  I hope you enjoy the site.