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Brightside Yoga Schedule | KERRI EIKER

Brightside Yoga Schedule


10:00-11:00am ALL LEVELS FLOW  at Yogamour


5:45-7:00pm  GENTLE YOGA at Brightside


7:00-8:00pm ALL LEVELS FLOW at Rockstar Fitness



11:00-12:00pm HEALING YOGA  at  On Our Own  (class open to the public) sponsored by Yogamour’s local charities

7:00-8:00pm ALL LEVELS FLOW at Rockstar Fitness


5:45- 7:00pm ALL LEVELS FLOW at Brightside


10:15-11:30 BEGINNERS SERIES at Real Health Studios

Brightside Yoga is now offering both private classes and a beginner’s series that you can take at Brightside’s third-floor studio, at Real Health Studios, or I can bring yoga to your home or other location.


A series of 7 classes (once a week) can be practiced as a continual series or you can drop-in and take the classes a la carte. The mixed levels beginner’s series will break down the different components that make up a vinyasa flow class.  The classes will look at proper alignment, fluid transitions, modifications and the use of props preparing the student for how to safely and effectively approach this powerful practice.  These classes can be practiced by beginners to advanced students looking to review and strengthen their yoga foundation. After completing the series a student will be able to confidently walk into most studios and participate in a level 1-2 or all levels vinyasa flow class.


At Brightside studio, 75-minute private classes are available by appointment.  For a total of $65, one to four students can attend.  $5 per person will be charged after the 4th person.  (space is limited to eight students.)

 Private classes at your home or a location of your choice will be $75 per class. $8 per person will be charged after the 6th person.

The beginner’s series at Brightside Studio consists of seven 60 minute classes that run for seven consecutive weeks at $20 per class per student.  If you purchase the entire series up front the cost is $105 ($15 per class) per student.  Please send me an email if you are interested in this series and we will add it to Brightside’s schedule.  Class space will be limited to eight at Brightside Studio.

The beginner’s series is also “portable” and can be brought to your home or a location of your choice   A minimum of eight students is required for this offering. The cost is $175 ($25 per student per class). $8 per person will be charged after the 8th person.

*a mileage fee of .54 cents per mile may be charged for locations beyond a ten-mile radius.